Advise on green, regional and circular economics

Welcome! You have reached the website of Socrates Schouten. He lives in Amsterdam and loves to work on new approaches to achieve well-being and forget about uninspiring business like ‘boosting consumption’ and ‘the economy’. However, that requires fiddling with the economy. On these pages you can read about my modest attempts in this field.

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Some of my current work:


Qoin implements, manages and supports community currencies around the world. Community currencies are instruments that help society to fulfil its needs. Qoin wants to help build better communities with sustainable, resilient economies.

Platform Duurzame en Solidaire Economie

Platform DSE strives for an economy that is equitable and ecologically sustainable. Through events, expert meetings, education and lobby, the Platform stresses the urgency of an economic transition and the opportunities that we have.

Recycling Netwerk

Recycling Netwerk is a coalition of (environmental) organizations that advocate for sustainable and conscientious use of materials and resources, with a focus on packaging material.