Besides developing work on my own accord or in collaboration, I am available for commissioned work. I provide workshops, lectures, advice, I perform research and editorial work.

I can introduce you or your organisation in the growing field of research and praxis concerning the commons. The commons field spans citizen cooperatives, ‘open’ knowledge production and exchange (think of open source, open data and open innovation), bottom up natural resource management, Creative Commons, citizen science, the field of ‘heterodox’ economics, and new forms of representation and legal protection. One aspect might be more relevant for you than the other, but viewed together the complexity will be grasped best – and an elegant logic will emerge. I help determining your position and aligning your agenda with the commons using a pioneering framework.

The circular economy I approach from the perspective of ecology, citizenship and fundamental economic renewal, too. A workshop, lecture or advice will help you bridge the broad subject that has become so widely acclaimed recently.

Some of my previous commissioners: KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Hogeschool Leiden, Recycling Netwerk, Amsterdam Economic Board, Lighthouse Club, TradeQoin.