Tag: Sharing economy

  • Lost in the numbers: the missing politics of big data

    Everyone encounters big data: via social media, financial transactions and public transport. Although all of these things are useful and fascinating, they simultaneously arouse feelings of discomfort: how far does the – largely invisible – influence of all of these data collections reach? Marleen Stikker has been following developments in this sphere since the beginning…

  • Digital Social Innovation and the commons

    A new vocabulary of peer production and the commons emerges from the need to converge the work of a growing network of socially oriented organizations, companies, and individuals. In the new DSI4EU project, these movements are studied and supported through the lens of ‘digital social innovation’.

  • How to see the people in the collaborative economy

    How to see the people in the collaborative economy

    More and more opinion leaders are mistaking a few big corporate platforms for the collaborative economy. We need a pro-active policy framework that bends the collaborative economy towards the public good.